-“Ho ho ho! Shake up the happiness! Wake up the happiness! It’s Christmas time!”

Time to rejoice fellas because ’tis the season.  It’s finally Christmas time! So, how are you planning to celebrate? Probably most of us don’t have any perfect clue because we can’t figure out what to do exactly so that we can enjoy to the fullest. Don’t worry as we can help you. To celebrate this festival, you should start with listening to some songs exclusively dedicated to Christmas. This might help you:

-“Shake it up, shake up the happiness
Wake it up, wake up the happiness
Come on all, it’s Christmas time”

After listening to this song, you will get a genuine feeling that it’s time to do something crazy because it’s Christmas time!!! Probably, now you can decide what to do atleast. So, first things first, what’s the reason for your existence in this world? Obviously gaming….otherwise you won’t be reading this. Not only should you decide to prepare a list for yourself but also think of gifting some games to your little brother or sister or maybe your friend.  Here’s a list that we made for you.

6ARK: Survival Evolved

Ark, an indie game, is a third person multiplayer action adventure survival game developed and published by “Studio Wildcard”.You will find yourself on an island probably naked and starving. To survive you must create a base. Gain experience and get control over 60 different dinosaurs. Bases can be expanded, as you gather more resources. Dinosaurs can be tamed by feeding them or they might just love to tear you apart. Once a dinosaur is tamed, you can access its abilities such as flight, swimming and running to travel across the map called the “ARK” expanded over 48 square km. They can be assigned different tasks such as guarding your base or attack enemy outposts.

Ark (FILEminimizer)

Beware of the other players, they might play safe or it will be like,  “You just came to the wrong side of the neighborhood!”. Team up and go for a hunt. The game features highly customisable weapons. You can kill them with bow and arrow, guns or just get wasted. Dinosaurs in Christmas…eh?

5Dirt Rally

The hardcore rally simulation, Dirt Rally, will bring out your hidden driving instincts as you race through the wild vibrant off-road terrains of various locations across the world. The game offers three gameplay modes namely: Championships, Online Events and Leagues. Start from scratch, establish your team to engineer your vehicle and provide support throughout your campaign as you compete in the Championship mode to become the best in the rally world. Online Events offer you daily, weekly and monthly challenges where you compete to earn in-game currencies and xp to boost up your skills. You can participate in online multiplayer races too in order to test your skills alongside other hungry rally drivers in the world. The League mode enables you to organise/create your own leagues where you can invite your friends and customize everything starting from race-tracks to weather conditions along with rules and restrictions. In simple words, Dirt Rally could be the perfect racing game to drive your adrenaline throughout Christmas.

4Rainbow Six Siege

It’s not Counter Strike…it’s not Call of Duty…it’s not Battlefield…it’s a combination of everything in a rather more vivid, logical and beautiful way to showcase a perfect strategic first person multiplayer shooter. Rainbow Six Siege could be the next biggest thing in eSports arena. Why? Because it’s insane! The game offers three different modes: Bomb, Hostage and Bio-Hazard container. Basically, in each mode, two teams compete with each other where one team defends and the other team attacks. Maybe it’s a bit similar to Counter Strike but Rainbow Six Siege really demands pure tactics and logical thinking with perfect co-ordination among the team members. You get to choose your operator/specialist from a wide range of options available, each one featuring a unique set of skills and gadgets. You get to customize your loadout too. As the defending team, you will have to create barricades, set booby traps and reinforce walls to thwart the invasion of the opposing team. As the attacking group, you get the ability to breach walls, set cluster charges and hence infiltrate the enemy base. Woah! This game will truly test your abilities as a soldier! Enjoy your Christmas party banging your friends!

3Assassin’s Creed Syndicate: Jack The Ripper DLC

The murder case that was never solved- ‘The Mystery of Jack The Ripper’ will once again drive you mad as it comes back on Assassin’s Creed Syndicate as a DLC content. Set 20 years after the events of Syndicate, Jack the Ripper (the mysterious killer responsible for a series of brutal murder), gets the attention of Evie Frye, who has been away from London for quite a while. The theme of the DLC is so thrilling that it will keep you busy throughout Christmas as you venture on a mysterious adventure to track down a legendary murderer in the history of London. So, can you really crack the mystery? Do you have what it takes to face Jack the Ripper? Merry Jackassin’s Creed!

2Just Cause 3

Rico Rodriguez is back once again. This time create mayhem in the island of Medici, Rico’s homeland, to overthrow the dictator- General Di Ravello, who aims to dominate the entire world. Explore the 1000 sq.km island state of Medici, with a set of new customizable weapons and gadgets, and liberate enemy bases and towns to suppress the dictatorship and create repercussions for Di Ravello’s evil plans. Enjoy your Christmas as….

You better watch out
You better cry
Better not pout
I’m telling you why
Rico is coming to town!

He’s making a list
And checking it twice;
He’s gonna find out
Who’s naughty or nice
Rico is coming to town!

1Fallout 4

So, you start afresh 200 years after a nuclear disaster, knowing nothing about what happened in between as you just wake up from your vault that was designed to protect you from the disaster. The world is no longer as it used be. There is no Government or any proper administration rather the human civilization is scattered and isolated. There are scavengers lurking in the shadows all the time with the motive to only loot and murder innocent people. In this rough world, all you can do is survive and do everything you can to find your kin. You get the privilege to establish settlements and attract folklore to your base, fortify and protect it against scavengers. The decisions that you make and the actions that you perform decides your next course of events and affects how the society responds to you. If you are in for some role-play, this game could be the perfect choice to celebrate your Christmas in a post-apocalyptic world.

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