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Last updated on August 21st, 2017

Once a great man Alexander Graham Bell invented a device named telephone , he believed that this would change the world and he was right all through because this did change the world, well not just change it has taken over , Only difference is, it was phone then and now its iphone …and now if you don’t have an iphone well, you don’t have an iphone :/ . On one side where the companies like xiaomi, asus, motorola and micromax etc., are trying to feed users with mid-range smartphones are struggling to make it pocket friendly. On other hand iphone just don’t care ,and they mean it “JUST DON’T CARE..” , because iphone is not just a phone its a symbol that defines people.

SCREEN: 4.7″
PROTECTION: Shatter proof glass, oleophobic coating
RESOLUTION: 1334 × 750 pixels
INTERNAL: 16/64/128 GB
CAMERA: back: 8 MP
                  Front: 1.2 MP
BATTERY: 1,810 mAh

The very first thing comes with apple devices is a heavy price tag ,apple doesn’t compromise with the price. But it has always earned the people’s faith and kept up the promises. Steve jobs once mocked samsung devices as “hummers” for their large screen size but soon they realized that its what the buyers wants. The iphone 6 has 4.7″ large screen with 750 x 1334 pixel resolution , despite having a larger screen than its prior models it doesn’t feel huge, and it’s still a very easy device to use one-handed.

Design :
apple has always been the symbol of luxury , in iphone 6 gives the very same yet more stylish feel . It has metallic back body which adds to its existing charm ,and  the rounded edges all along the display help contribute to the near-seamless look.

In iphone 6 apple has used a new chipset named A8 . It gives the device a great speed and makes it a better performer , user are given performance they’d expect from cutting edge processor technology. It can handle
more powerful games, and best of all, delivers better battery life.

Apple has constantly offered a good camera quality than few other companies who offer 13 or 16 megapixel camera despite having having 8 megapixel camera because of its large pixel images, which makes a big difference. new iPhone is also capable of improved slow motion video, which technically means it can shoot at 240fps instead of 120fps.


As said earlier its not just a smartphone its a symbol , and unfortunately not everyone can afford this bitten apple logo as its heavy on pocket ,whereas Some dont find point to break their piggy banks for it when they can go for many alternative android phones who offer same specification and fall right on budget.

No matter how many features companies include they always ignore the fact that the basic purpose of the mobile-phone is being mobile( yes thats how it got its name) without carring charger all the time , so did the iphone. Though they promise that the battery life will be better as compared to iphone 5s . Its a no go for a heavy user.

Different availability:
Smartphone market is one of the top grossing market in the world as a result we have various option think of before going for iphone 6. Most of the features that apple claims to be new in iphone 6 are already available on android smartphones since long ago. So a person can go for different alternatives like lg nexus 4 , nexus 5, sony xperia z2 and several others …UNLESS he falls on “i am an iphone user” category…

IF YOU DON’T HAVE AN IPHONE WELL YOU DONT HAVE AN IPHONE…because you have got a way more alternative smartphones in better price range.


  1. U r comparing iPhone 6 with Nexus 4…agree nexus 4 is good…but in software output….iPhone will beat the crap out of it…coz i am telling u…software output of iPhone is unmatched..i hav a 3gs and i played GTA vice city and Batman Arkham city in 256 mb ram while my friends 1gb ram android couldnt do it lagg i say iPhone has low specs..but has high

  2. hi Sourav Mohapatra,
    yes, you did put your point and it right ,but that isn’t a performance comparison table, it’s about the specification that iPhone has provided users which are already available in market. that is the whole point about the table as people expected them to bring some new features.
    and coming to the performance in the “why buy factors” i have already mentioned about it . 🙂

  3. Very true Abhishek AKP! Sourav the above article shows the TWO GENUINE FACES of I phone 6 !
    If it was to be the best then it could have been awarded as the best Smartphone in the world which is not ! So something is missing lol


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