5 Reasons why you will feel like wanting The Order: 1886 [PS4 Exclusive] on PC after going through its leaked preview footage

Imagine a third-person shooter game with a Victorian London setting, state-of-the-art-technology and weapons, story driven action-adventure gameplay along with stealth mechanics. Wouldn’t that be awesome? We are talking about the PS4 exclusive, The Order: 1886, that will be released in 20th Feb. this year.

The above video that you see is a 15 min leaked preview footage by a source. I was not even aware about its stealth gameplay. In the video, you will find the protagonist, Galahad, with his team secretly infiltrating an airship. I was so in love with the gameplay footage that I almost regret for not having a PS4. Still, I would like to enlist you five reasons why you would want this game on PC:

  • The Victorian setting: We would definitely love a third person-shooter showcasing the late 19th cent. London. Are there any games of the same-genre having a world similar to what we just mentioned right now? Imagine the feel, gunning down enemies with your rifle in Victorian London. The retro style sounds awesome….eh?

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  • State-of-the-art technology: Imagine thermal sensors, mini-guns, proximity mines, frag grenades, etc. made available to you in the late 19th cent…does that sound odd to you? Well, that completely brings an entirely different perspective of experiencing things in any third-person shooter so far. Victorian setting plus twenty-first century gadgets and weapons definitely rocks!!! We generally say, “Old is gold “, but I would like to make a different quote- “Old is Cool!”.


  • The graphics: The above in-game screenshot is enough to justify this point. In fact, I do not have anything more to say. Please control your excitement!
  • The cinematic experience: During hand-to-hand combat situations, the game delivers you a cinematic way of experiencing things while executing your target. You have multiple ways to execute your enemy that depends upon your way of making split second decisions- whether to kill your enemy using your knife or to take him down by bashing up your pistol.
  • The story: The storyline of The Order: 1886 is set in a fictionalized version of an industrial era London’. Followed by a history of losing constant wars against chimeras (half man-half animal), human beings attempt to turn the odds for another time against their enemies. With the development of new technologies like advanced weaponry,wireless communication, etc. the Knights, a group of highly skilled soldiers, take the responsibility of ensuring safety to citizens of the society against the threat posed by the chimeras.The central character of the story is Grayson, a highly honoured Knight bearing the title of Sir Galahad, who is in the midst of a civil war between the lower class and the nobles of London. On his quest to stabilise the fragile society and the threat posed by the chimeras, he strives to find the truth of his existence. Now, doesn’t that sound exciting?


If you are a PC gamer not having a PS4, I can imagine what you may be going through after reading this article. Well. that can’t be helped and the least thing that we can do right now is either hope for a PS4 as a gift from God or watch youtube videos related to the game, thus endlessly crying.

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