Last updated on September 18th, 2016

“My name is Hardcore Gamer and I am the worst gamer alive! When I was a child, I saw many legendary games whose existences were later destroyed by pathetic sequels. In a world ruled by these games, my system froze and pocket went loose. To the outside world, I am known as an enraged gamer because I publicly use my words to fight against game developers and hence find others like me. One day, I swear I will get justice for all those legendary games and make them retain their glory. I am the Hardcore Gamer!”

As funny as it may seem, it is the reality which we are all aware of- “A gaming world ruled by profit-concerned companies”. Before the coming of this age, we saw some titles in the industry that left an everlasting impression on us and now, you may call it as a fantasy of some sorts….we do need them back- redefined. Is that even possible? Definitely! This can only happen if we prove that the power to decide the fate of gaming industry lies in our hands. Here is a list of the titles that we think deserve an HD remake.

5Mass Effect Trilogy

A game that allowed us to travel across a version of Milky Way Galaxy that has seen the fusion of technology and culture among different kinds of intelligent species, Mass Effect became an epic rpg that involved gamers deeply in its world all thanks to it’s sensational story, atmosphere and advanced gameplay. What more could a gamer ask for at that time? In fact now also, no sci-fi rpg games like Mass Effect have come into existence. Yes, once again we want to become Commander Shepherd, explore the Galaxy via Normandy and rephrase our quest against the rise of Reapers!

4Assassin’s Creed: The Ezio Saga

“Nothing is true. Everything is permitted”

Using this very basic and small principle, the series established a firm position for Assassin’s Creed that later dethroned the Prince of Persia franchise. The gameplay and the storyline synced with each other perfectly to deliver gamers with an awe inspiring as well as realistic experience.  The drama and tension involved in Ezio’s quest to foil the plans of Borgia and secure different ‘Pieces of Eden’ completely hooked us into the world of Assassins, discover as well as experience the life of Ezio beginning from a careless young adult to a legendary assassin. We want to witness this unique perspective of gaming once again in high-definition. Wait! Not just high-definition! But also we would appreciate some new weapons and an advanced UI!

3Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

“Ya’ re my homie! Ain’t ya?”- how can we forget those moments we experienced in San Andreas? Although we were more than satisfied with GTA V, imagine a version of redefined San Andreas featuring locations like Los Santos, San Fierro and Las Venturas with all the counties! Wouldn’t that be fascinating? A remake of GTA San Andreas for Xbox 360 came out recently though but unfortunately, it just looked like a good iOS /Android port. So, in other words, our demand for Rockstar is to just convert GTA V to GTA San Andreas retaining the setting, storyline and characters of the latter.


The epic retro story-driven role-play game, made us dive deep into the ghastly-underwater world of Rapture, a city once built (around the 1940’s) for the exclusive and elite people who wanted to be away from the politics of the Govt. Basically, you end up in that place after your plane crashes into the sea and the only thing that you can do in the beautiful ravaged city is to survive against a horde of Splicers as well as Big Daddies that often give you nightmares. Soon, you’ll be drawn into it’s mystery and become busy in uncovering all the facts, in order to realize a surprising yet bitter truth. This was one of the greatest games of it’s time and we would definitely love to get it back as an upgraded version.

1Half-Life 2

No words. No comments. Let’s initiate a new petition to make Valve a part of Bethesda or Bioware. By doing so, there’s a high possibility that we might get to see a remake of this legendary game!




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