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Last updated on August 22nd, 2017

Hello readers, do you know what rooting is? If yes, then you might skip the first paragraph and continue to read on. If no, then we’re here for you. Well, rooting is a term used to describe the process of gaining the root access of the Android system. It’s actually illegal in most of the countries, but those users who are interested to control their device, root the devices to achieve the necessary tasks (tweaks, customizing or other experimental purposes). It’s your choice whether or not you should do it.

*Note: We are not promoting rooting through this article. It’s just a useful article for rooted users who are in search for the best apps to take advantages of root access.

Now, let us go through the list of four must-have apps for rooted android users. It’s not something new, but the apps provided in the lists are available legally on Google Play Store. If you happen to use these apps already, then you’re awesome! If not, then you must try these!

#4 Titanium Backup Root (Paid)

titanium backup

Well, this app is placed at the 4th position in our must-have apps list. But, it can never be excluded. It’s a very useful tool. And, Google knows that too so it’s still out there in the Play Store. The Apk package size is of 7.3 MB. And, it was last updated on June 12, 2015.

This app allows you to back up literally everything. It includes the app, data, and other files to your SD card. It comes with a PRO/Donate version, which is about $7. You should get the PRO version if you are willing to spend money because it’s definitely worth it.

In the PRO version, you can backup/restore SMS, MMS, bookmarks, call logs in portable XML formats. That’s not it, there are numerous additional features in the PRO edition including encryption, app freeze, generate recovery zip file, convert downloaded apps into system apps and also schedule backups directly to Dropbox or Google Drive.

#3 Tasker (Paid)


Must-have apps mostly come with a price tag. Its Apk package size varies with device. It was last updated on June 11, 2015. It costs around $3.

This app helps your rooted Android device to get fully automated. You may consider it as a necessary app in the age of automation. And, it’s the only solution for total automation in Android devices. It has got tons of key features in it, but it may vary depending on your device. So, it’s better to include a screenshot of the key features of this app from Play Store rather writing it down.

key features of Tasker
We should ask the app developer, what it can’t automate. It automates almost everything in your Android system, but you should use the app with caution. If you just unnecessarily experiment on it, your device may get into trouble. So, I would advise you to use it wisely. You should go through the starter guide.

#2 ROM Toolbox PRO

rom toolbox pro
This is an all-in-one app which every rooted user should install. The Apk package size is of 8.5 MB. And, it was last updated on January 12, 2015. It’s again a paid app, which costs around $6.

If you are thinking to take advantage of a rooted device, then you can’t miss installing it. With this app installed on your rooted device, you can install custom ROMs, change boot animations, customize icon packs, use the in-app root explorer, manage CPU tweaks, customize status bar, manage startup items, easily edit Build.prop file to control display density, and more.

You may have heard about the SuperSU app or other similar apps. But, you don’t need them if you have ROM Toolbox PRO installed.

#1 Greenify  


There’s a major reason for which this app deserves the No.1 position in our list. That’s because it is solely responsible in maximizing the battery life of a rooted device up to a great extent. And, it’s absolutely free!

The Apk package size varies with the device but generally ranges between 6-10 MB. The app is easy to use. But, any task killer app would interfere with its intelligent working mechanism. So, I would recommend uninstalling any task killer you have installed, and after all you don’t need a task killer app for your Android. If you don’t know why, then you may go through the 10 things to know about Task Killers for Android.

This app simply hibernates the apps manually selected by you. It also automatically hibernates the apps which consume more battery juice. And, according to user opinions, it really does the magic with the battery consumption better than anyone in the Play Store.

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