3 Best Android keyboards [Apps]

Last updated on August 18th, 2017

We are going to list out the best three android keyboard you must be using in your life .

The ranking has been done according to the following Criteria :

1 . Popularity.
2. User Ratings in the Play Store.
3. Efficient working.
4. User Reviews in the Play Store.

There are various other Android keyboards which are getting popularity slowly , but this report is based on our user survey criterias to select the best Android Keyboards.
We should get started from the last , the countdown starts now !

TOP 3 :

Google’s Keyboard :

Google keyboard
Google’s keyboard


This app has only free pricing , no premium version .
It’s the most loved  inbuilt keyboard with sufficient privilege , which are not available in all stock keyboards .

It stands out from the other popular keyboard app by it’s voice recognition capacity .
It can make notes on the go with your voice commands , as it has an intelligent voice recognition system for doing the job .It is also smart enough to predict the next word correctly with proper grammar.

Although , it is not the best , but it provides a better user experience from all other stock keyboards .

TOP 2 :

Swype Keyboard :




It is available in  free version as well as  premium version
This Android keyboard stands out in the top 2 because of it’s interesting feature that is bilingual support . Yes! you can type two languages at a time with the help of this keyboard.

The second interesting feature which you will get in it is it’s Smart Editor , it analyses the sentences you write and underlines the error just like you get on your PC.
Gestures are not so impressive in it, still it’s good to use .

Now the best for the last :

TOP 1 :

Swift Keyboard Legacy :


Swift Legacy
Swift Legacy


Everyone must be knowing about it.
Anyways , the main reason for which it is the best is it’s All-in-One feature . It has every feature you want in a keyboard for a great user experience .

It has basic Emoji support which prevents it to deliver best performance with other features…The Flow-Write feature enables you to write in a smooth flow , which other keyboards too provide , but the level of working is just awesome .

Second best feature is that you can know yourself ( in percentile) , that how much efficient it made you in writing your work with Swift keyboard .

It also helps you to know how perfectly you press the keyboard ( Heat Map ) , so that you can improve yourself , isn’t it Great ?? Keyboard provide you help with it’s features and also gives you chance to improve yourself in typing better .

This was based on our reports from users and ratings, you can know more about this at the Play Store for you to agree yourself .

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