10 Things to Know About Task Killer Apps For Your Android Device

Hello readers, in this article you are going to know about the 10 important things (pros and cons ) about task killer apps for your Android device.

Obviously the task-killer apps for Android are downloaded the most in the Google Play Store, but there are some disadvantages which makes it unusable sometimes. Well, to be particular not every task-killer app has these disadvantages. So, we will be discussing both pros and cons of using a Task-killer app. My word may not be true about the advantages of using Task-Killer apps as you read the whole article.

Well, to start with a good thought is always the better way. So, we will look at the advantages of having a task-killer app on an Android device. 

How Does a Task-Killer App help your device ? ?

Do you play High-End games on your Android device ? If yes, then you might be knowing its benefit for Android gamers. Anyways if we look at the usefulness of the Task-Killer apps it mainly benefits the gaming applications. 

Running games like Asphalt 8, Modern Combat 5, FIFA and others will need a good amount of free RAM to let the application run without lags. So, from this we got the first thing about Task-Killer app.

1. It frees up RAM to make room for your favorite game to work lag-free whenever needed. In other words, we can use it to boost the  gaming performance on an Android device.

Is your battery draining very fast ? ? Don’t tell that your smartphone manufacturer is responsible! It is the apps you are managing on your Android device which uses resources restlessly till you kill the unnecessary tasks. So, we got the second thing about task-killer apps which will be applicable just for mentioning it in words. You will know the other side of this thing in the later section as you read on. 

2. It prevents the background-apps from using the device’s  resources continuously which will increase the battery life of your device.

When you run a lot of apps one after another and there is a shortage in RAM, the device hangs up on you and restarts. On the other side when some users observe their device to work slower than expected, they reboot their device. So, this job is done by the one-tap method present in current task killer apps. 

3. It revives your RAM when the phone is going to give up on you and reboot to make a fresh start again.

Another good feature which the Task-Killer enables the user to do is to revive the RAM automatically when the screen goes off (optional). This is an option one needs to set manually. This helps to make your Android device faster in some cases when you encounter unstable apps causing crashes and errors.

4. When the screen of your device goes off, then the Task-Killer apps clean the RAM. So, that when you unlock the screen the phone might seem to work faster.

Well, we got 4 good things about Task-Killer apps and also among them two points have “other” sides to show up. I must say that Task-Killer apps has got more disadvantages. At the end you may uninstall your task-killer app if you don’t want to encounter the disadvantages which you will be knowing below.

What you know now is that using a Task-Killer app will improve your battery life. Is that really true ? No!
The OS used here is Android, not Windows. Windows installed on your Notebook PC supports the fact that when you end the unnecessary processes then it will increase the system’s performance and improve the battery consumption efficiency. So, you must know that Task-Killer app is not recommended for any Android OS.

5. Android doesn’t manage processes like Windows XP/Vista/7/8 does. Task-Killer is not something that is needed by Android.

You might be in a confusing state of mind after what you read above. You will know now why is the above point really true.

What does a Task-Killer app do? It basically frees up RAM for a “smoother experience“. But the statement is completely wrong. When you switch between multiple apps then the apps which you moved from gets paused and it gets stored in the RAM. So, that when you again move to the app which you previously minimized, it gets unpaused and you may continue from where you left off. But when you use a Task-killer app, it clears the RAM therefore leading to more slower experience than expected because the process has to be started again by the CPU.

6. Task-Killer apps doesn’t make things “smoother”, but slower.

This might be happening to some users but it can be included as a serious disadvantage. Have you observed your dialer or your contacts manager unresponsive after using a task-killer app ? This is the next thing you encounter after point 6 mentioned above.

7. You may encounter yourself with a situation after clearing up the RAM using a Task-Killer app when your dialer crashes or the contacts manager seems unresponsive. This is a worst case scenario for an user.

After using the task cleaner you might observe slower experience, which you may manage with if you are still on a run to use task-killer apps. But what about the synchronization process ? There is a reason why some apps continuously run in the background, and that’s because they need to sync your settings or important information to your account. If you feel this to be an invalid point then you may ignore it. But as I went further to really test it, I encountered sync delays with Gmail and Facebook app after using a Task-Killer app on my Android 4.4.2 device.

8. Using a Task-killer app leads to unnecessary sync delays.

As mentioned above, Task-Killer apps forces the processes to restart again. Do you think restarting an app continuously rather than letting it to run in background will improve your battery life ? That’s completely a wrong thought. It will drain your battery even more faster because the CPU has to work again to start the process. While if you do not use a Task-killer app the processes will be properly cached in the RAM providing you a smoother and efficient performance. 

9. Task-Killer apps doesn’t revive your battery juice rather it ruins your battery life. 

To know the last thing you need to memorize that Android is not similar to the Windows OS and using the RAM to the maximum is the best thing to do on earth. We are paying for more RAM, and why is that ?
That’s to get more multi-tasking capability. If you regularly free up RAM on your device then you are nowhere close to experience multi-tasking feature on your Android device. Along with harming the battery life of an Android device.

10. Using a Task-Killer for Android is simply the wrong thing to do.

That’s the main thing you get to know about the Task-Killer apps. Let us know in the comments section, what do you think about it ?

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