10 Things to Know before Rooting your Android Phone !

Last updated on August 21st, 2017

Usually if you hear a news that by rooting your smartphone you can have SuperUser powers (which includes controlling CPU clock speed , RAM Expansion , Enabling Move to SD card option ) , then you will definitely opt-in to root your device as soon as possible.

Also if you get the news that you can get the latest Android Version for your smartphone by rooting even if your smartphone manufacturer does not give the official update , you feel excited about it.

But rooting your device causes serious problems on your smartphone.

Here’s what you should know :

1. After rooting if you are not able to properly manage your superuser options your phone will become a dustbag ( because of unstable configurations).

2. You can get the latest version of Android for sure ! But if by chance your phone manufacturer announces the official Android update which will be more stable than your custom ROM you may not be able to install the Genuine ROM.

3. It’s a common alert which all rooting users know that their smartphones warranty period will not be valid anymore.

4. Your device has serious bugs after rooting except that if you have fine luck with that.

5. Device genuineness and performance decreases in almost all rooted device.

6. You will be easily affected by Spywares,Adwares (one in a million).

7. You are not counted as a Genuine user of Android anymore.

8. Some custom ROMs are released for creators benefits so beware!

9. Rooting your device may change your phones original language ( Rare Case ).

10. Last but not the least – the place where all the rooting tutorials or the steps are written always pin a notice that – ” THEY ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR WHAT HAPPENS TO YOUR DEVICE AFTER ROOTING ” still you root and your device get’s injured .


So if you are lucky then your device will work fine so if you have a lot of money to waste you can root your device and take a risk pick.

But we would advice you to enjoy your stock updates and save money to get another latest smartphone if you get bored with the your current hands-on device.

Tell us in the comments section – “Was this information helpful ?” Or have you ever encountered the said problems while rooting your device ???

Also share about your hospitalized android rooted phones story in the comments section below 😉 !

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