Well, we recently had talked about the benefits of using CyanogenMod ROM over stock ROM. But now it looks like there is someone else who can be a good competitor in the world of custom ROM’s. Actually it will not be justified  to call it a competitor because the above ROM runs on the CyanogenMod theme engine.

There are various other custom Android firmwares like AvatarROM, Eclipse, JellyBAM etc, who tried to compete with the CyanogenMod, but failed completely. As you know that CyanogenMod custom ROM started in the year 2009, so obviously any other custom ROM will face a lot of difficulties to compete with the current rank holder Cyanogen Inc.

At the same scenario comes the Paranoid Android custom ROM which shows potential to be as much popular as Cyanogen Inc. Let us know more about the paranoid android before reading 10 overall facts,opinion or thoughts about it.

What is this Paranoid Android ROM ?

Paranoid Android is a custom ROM expecting to broaden the framework, chipping away at improving the officially existing magnificence of Android and emulating the same configuration theories that were set forward by Google for Android Open Source Project.

Let us know more about it’s features  :
This ROM gives endless flexibility about the customizations in designs.

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Notifications :

paranoid ROM
Notification Interaction

It gives a hovering effect to notifications which won’t disturb the user when he/she is watching an awesome video or reading a document. The notification can be swiped away by just tapping it. If you want you can send the replies without making your important task to run in the background, because the notification comes as a visual part, it doesn’t take the background app place when you interact with your notifications.

Full screen Mode :


paranoid ROM
No Status Bar


It is also termed as “immersive mode” officially, but it literally means full screen mode. It’s like when you are watching a movie, or a picture in details then you can hide the status bar globally anywhere. By mentioning globally anywhere we mean that you can hide the status bar while using any app, not just at the homescreen or the lock screen.

Dynamic System Bars

paranoid ROM

Well, you must have read about status bar customizing option in many other ROM’s after rooting your smartphone. Although I am not a “rooting” supporter, still these features are great if it would have been present in the Stock ROM.

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In the paranoid ROM your status bar color changes according to what app you are on. Let’s say if you are using the Gmail app which is themed in RED color, then you will find your status bar turning RED at that moment. In other words, Merge your status and navigation bars with the surrounding content.

After what you have know about the paranoid ROM, now let’s move on to some things about it :

1. According to the majority of users this ROM gives excellent battery back up of the smartphone, rather than squeezing out the juice out of it.

2. It offers great flexibility in terms of design, color schemes and other customization options.

It has built-in options to adjust the frequency of the CPU.

4. It has a hybrid theme engine which originally belongs to the Cyanogen Inc, but paranoid has added some more taste to it.

5. After searching for paranoid users and asking for feedback we got this point. And it says that paranoid ROM makes a laggy device to a buttery smooth device as it has been recently opened.

It is not as much stable as CyanogenMod ROM.

7. To use the options one has to memorize it’s process which is a bit complex in nature.

The application installed in the device running on Paranoid ROM gets place only in the Internal memory, which makes it the most annoying.

This is the funny part – ” It hasn’t made any description of it’s own company, neither at Wikipedia nor at it’s official website ” .

It gives the soft keys PIE feature by which you can swipe apps while in the full screen mode.

Let us know what you think about this ROM. Is it worth being a competitor to Cyanogen Inc ? ?

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