Last updated on March 25th, 2017

Bon jour gamers! I got to directly say that the new Battlefield looks so exciting that, I have watched it’s official trailer like more than twenty times. And to be frank, each and every time after watching it, I feel that yes, this is what we’ve been missing for years- a taste of World War I. And, the people of DICE have really nailed it! The portrayal of the universe, 100 years back, during World War I has been made completely realistic. I mean, don’t you want to experience how your ancestors fought during that time frame in high definition back-to-back-action sequences? Hell yeah! Why not? So, here’s a list of some interesting things about Battlefield 1.


The story being set during WW1 clearly indicates that the game will be featuring many locations around the globe including France, Turkey, the Middle East, Belgium and much more. The world was in a complete turmoil with the major powers America, Britain, Germany, Italy, Turkey, Russia and France fighting a war for revenge, fear and domination. You can probably imagine how intense the fight was in those ‘battlefields’. Planes bombarding enemy units, tanks rallying in, and finally blood thirsty troops going all out against the enemy forces- that’s Battlefield 1 for you.

Battlefield 1


In the previous games of the franchise, how did you melee your enemies? By just pushing a single button, the player would bash his gun or knife against the enemy. Well, those days are gone, as the close combat quarters in Battlefield 1 will be more physical and realistic because a single button won’t help you out. As revealed by DICE in the world premiere of the game, you will need to hit your enemy multiple times supplemented by freedom of choice. For example, you could bash your target with environmental objects like a shovel or a handy steel club. Or, you could try banging your opponent with a close-quartered headshot.



I remember riding a horse once in COD: Black Ops 2, all thanks to a mission in Afghanistan. I apologize for mentioning COD out of the blue, but I just wanted to share how cool it was charging against the enemy on a horse, firing bazookas to the gunships and tanks, it was simply superb but short-lived. Be happy to know that in Battlefield 1, not only would you be able to ride with horses but also fight with them frequently, especially in locations like the Middle East featuring desert terrain. While I see this as an interesting single player experience, imagine how much fun it would be fighting in horses along with your friends online.



In WW1, our planet saw a rapid advancement in the development of planes for war that would soon lead to the rise of ‘aerial warfare’. Maybe you have already experienced flying jets, launching missiles and creating destruction in the previous games of the series. But imagine flying a fighter or a bomber plane like the SE-5a…what would you feel like? The sound of the whizzing rotatory blades, the intense battle against enemy aircraft in mid-air, the fight against the ground forces…you see that feeling is unique and flying those planes, although traditional would definitely deliver you a fresh and new experience that you will be hooked onto.



So, what’s a tail gunner…eh? Scratching your head? Well, for your info, manned turrets were implemented in fighter planes during WW1 to provide additional aerial support both in terms of defense as well as attack. You would often find them located near the physical tail of the planes and hence, the name ‘tail-gunner’ was coined. So, think of yourself manning one of those turrets both in single player campaign as well as online matches. Sounds fun isn’t it?

A tail gunner


Be crazy to know that naval warfare also plays a key role in the events of Battlefield 1. And battleships will be the most important thing in those situations because you would need massive fire-power against your enemy. Possessing one would make your opposition feel like-“Jesus! Dreadnought incoming…fall back…fall back!”

A US Battleship that served during WWI


Tanks…oh tanks! I loved creating havoc with those, firing different types of bullets, missiles… it was a lot of fun. So, what’s different in Battlefield 1? How are they more exciting as compared to the modern ones? In fact I also thought the same, not until the devs revealed that you can get your team members inside a tank as well. Meaning, while you would be busy bombarding something, one would handle a turret or so, alongside you, in the same tank. Well, that’s exciting isn’t it?



I get it, you must be thinking why this was on the list. What makes it cool? Don’t worry, your doubts will be cleared, as you should know that the Germans were very cunning and used poison gas as a weapon in WW1 that lead to many casualties. Hence, the Allies came up with a solution and hence, used ‘gas masks’ to prevent the poison gas in infecting them. So, in-game you can probably guess why you need to put them on. Yes, you heard right, they are wearable.



Well, I don’t need to say anything as, just by seeing the name, you must be excited to use it already. Yeah, this weapon would prove to be very effective against enemy in trenches or tunnels. Sounds funny but you can also create a lot of distractions with those, thus confusing your enemy.



Airships also called as zeppelins actually came into existence in the late 19th century. They were first used for military purposes like surveillance as well as bombers for mass destruction by Germany during the First World War.  Imagine seeing one dominating the sky! How terrific would that be watching such a scene!

AirshipSo, looks like the DICE people have already done their math. I simply can’t wait to travel back in time to the First World War. Battlefield 1 for PC as well as PS4 will be out by October 21, whereas Xbox One users will get the early access to the game @Oct. 18th. Stay tuned for more updates and you are welcome to watch the trailer below.


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